This blog is a research project about Australians who are living simple and sustainable lives. We’re currently looking to profile people who fit the following categories:

– a slow food chef who practises what she preaches

– a corporate high-flyer who went through a “tree change”

– a climate scientist who has reduced his own eco footprint

– an engineer/technician who has invented something to simplify his life

– a builder/carpenter who has made his own tiny house

– a coffee lover who grows her own coffee beans

– a family that rears its own animals and butchers its own meat, or makes dairy from scratch

– an avid gardener who has started a community garden somewhere unusual

– neighbours who have knocked down their back fences and now share everything they own

– a group of young people into “nanna-technology”, such as knitting, sewing, baking and general thriftiness

– an “ordinary” family in the suburbs that downsized from a McMansion to a more modest home

– someone who lives in a real tree house

– a freegan who has accumulated almost every possession for free, or a dumpster diver who survives off supermarket throwaways

– a family that lives on a boat or yacht

– someone who lives the life of a nomad

– an Aboriginal elder teaching members of the community about foraging and bush food.

Of course, the above examples are just a beginning. In a way, it’s silly – and almost offensive – to reduce a person’s life to a single category or sentence. But we thought listing a few typical simple living stories might get you thinking. Really, we’re open to any suggestions at all, as long as they fit the theme.

So if you know of someone who is living a simple and sustainable life, has an interesting story to tell and is willing to be interviewed and possibly photographed, please email a short description of why the person should be included to

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